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Ngong Ping 360 cable car and Big (Giant) Buddha in Hong Kong

   Big Buddha statue in Hong Kong must have seen all tourists who visited Hong Kong – on a par with the Victoria Peak and the Avenue of Stars it is one of the most famous sights of Hong Kong. Giant Buddha statue is located in a picturesque mountainous terrain of Lantau Island. Modern Chinese name of this island is Tai Hai Shan, which literal translation from Chinese means “big mountain island”. Lantau is not like the rest of Hong Kong, there are no too much skyscrapers – they replaced by nature parks, clean beaches and fresh air (as much as it can be fresh in Hong Kong). It is best to plan a trip to Lantau for a whole day, because after enlightenment from Big Buddha, you can also go to the famous Hong Kong Disneyland.


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Ocean Park in Hong Kong

   Ocean Park is considered one of the best recreational facilities in Hong Kong for a holiday with your family and here it will be interesting for both children and their parents. Ocean Park is a huge amusement park and at the same time aquarium and zoo. Like Disneyland in Hong Kong it is the largest theme park in the city. When we were deciding what to see in Hong Kong, we had a choice: Disneyland or Ocean Park, and eventually we visited both and do not regret of it. So welcome to the world of Ocean Park with us!


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Leo Tolstoy “Yasnaya Polyana” museum-estate in Russia

“Without my Yasnaya Polyana I hardly can imagine Russia and my attitude towards it”
Leo Tolstoy

   Yasnaya Polyana – a family manor of the Leo Tolstoy’s family. The famous Russian writer Leo Tolstoy was born here, grew up and was buried in. In early spring we decided to visit the famous estate, about which we heard in school. As it turned out, early spring is not the best time to visit Yasnaya Polyana, especially if you are traveling with children. All walkways are in the mud, baby stroller is not roll well, and if you put a child in a “sling” or backpack, you have risk falling into the big puddle with him, because here is not only dirty but also slippery. The place is incredibly beautiful and interesting, but for a trip to Tolstoy manor at Yasnaya Polyana is better to choose a different time of the year: a dry summer, early fall, and even winter will be much more comfortable and convenient.


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Kolomenskoye park in Moscow, Russia

   “Kolomenskoye” park – one of the most popular parks in Moscow, beloved by Muscovites and guests of the capital. In Kolomenskoye almost everyone will find something they like. Here you can find a lot of museums, have a river boat ride, and those who love peace and silence, can stroll through the many apple orchards or go down in the famous ravine. In general, in the park “Kolomenskoye” everyone will find something interesting to do. If you want to relax with the whole family, this is a wonderful place that is located almost in the center of Moscow. We also recently visited this park to see the architectural, archaeological and nature attractions of the park “Kolomenskoe”.