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Krakow Town Hall Tower

   The Krakow Town Hall Tower is one of the most significant buildings in the city, and each tourist respecting himself is just obliged to raise the viewing platform of the Tower just to look at Krakow from bird’s eye panorama. And we in general have soft spot for different high-rise buildings – we like nothing better than, let’s climb somewhere and the higher, so much the better. Therefore today’s reporting is from one of the oldest buildings of Krakow – the Town Hall Tower.


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The Square Rynek in Krakow

   The Market Square of Krakow is the heart of the Old city, all roads conduct exactly here. It is impossible to visit Krakow and not to visit the Rynek Główny therefore many tourists begin getting to know the city exactly with the Main Market Square. It is considered that the Market in Krakow is one of the biggest shopping floor spaces in Europe. The market square designed at the beginning of the XIII century remained in full splendor to the present day and although there are always a lot of tourists here, the Square fascinated us this is the place where you wish to return.


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Dresden in one day

   We continue our quest “What to hit in Dresden in one day?”. We already visited the Zwinger and admired the Semperoper, and now we go further to hit the other sights of Dresden.


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The Dresden gallery and the Zwinger museums

   Recently there are very popular tours from Prague to Dresden for a day. But to take in the sights for a day it is very difficult, it contained in itself a vast number of sights (it is said, there are about 13 thousand) thus it is worth spending at least 3-4 days here. And if you are the connoisseur of painting – also the whole week, nevertheless just the Dresden art gallery will take from you a full day, and after all it is just one from several museums in the Zwinger is the main sight of Dresden.


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Auschwitz II Birkenau death camp in Poland

   After the visit of the first concentration camp from the complex of the Nazi factories of death Oswiecim – Auschwitz I, we went to Auschwitz-Birkenau. As a rule, if the conversation drifts to Auschwitz, this particular camp is understood as the greatest numbers of people were killed here and exactly here there were the most deadly gas chambers of Auschwitz. The railway “Death Gate” became almost the visiting card of the camp and when you come into contact with any mention of Auschwitz, before your eyes there is this grim picture.


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Auschwitz I (Oswiecim)  Concentration Camp Photo

   In forty five kilometers from the Polish Krakow there is the city Auschwitz which is associated by the most people with genocide of Jews (Holocaust) at the time of World War II. Exactly here the complex of the Auschwitz Concentration Camps was situated. The Auschwitz Concentration Camp is the largest and the long-live existed Nazi factory of death. The complex consisted of three camps: Auschwitz I, II and III, and we were succeeded to visit the first two. Today we will tell you and show on the photos Oswiecim- Auschwitz I. Since 1947 in the territory of the former Auschwitz Concentration Camp the museum included in the list of the World Heritage of UNESCO was opened and it is unfortunate that the heritage is so sad.


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Hong Kong Disneyland

“You’re dead if you aim only for kids. Adults are only kids grown up, anyway.”
Walt Disney

   The outstanding Walt Disney considered that “adults are only kids grown up, anyway”. When you get to the Disneyland, you conceive that it was right more than ever. The children who grew up in the 80-90s years remember how waited in every weekend a next full-length animated cartoon or a film from the Disney Company which were for us exotic at that moment. Therefore many of us as a child wished to visit the fairy tale called the “Amusement Park Disneyland”, and we weren’t the expulsion from millions of Russian children.


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Avenue of Stars in Hongkong

   The Avenue of Stars is in the rank among the most known sights in Hong Kong. One of the most beautiful views of the city open from here, and this is the place where the biggest laser show in the world the “Symphony of Lights” passes. More than 10 years the Avenue of Stars located in the district Kowloon attracts thousands of tourists, well and we couldn’t overpass.


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Ngong Ping 360 cable car and Big (Giant) Buddha in Hong Kong

   Big Buddha statue in Hong Kong must have seen all tourists who visited Hong Kong – on a par with the Victoria Peak and the Avenue of Stars it is one of the most famous sights of Hong Kong. Giant Buddha statue is located in a picturesque mountainous terrain of Lantau Island. Modern Chinese name of this island is Tai Hai Shan, which literal translation from Chinese means “big mountain island”. Lantau is not like the rest of Hong Kong, there are no too much skyscrapers – they replaced by nature parks, clean beaches and fresh air (as much as it can be fresh in Hong Kong). It is best to plan a trip to Lantau for a whole day, because after enlightenment from Big Buddha, you can also go to the famous Hong Kong Disneyland.


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Ocean Park in Hong Kong

   Ocean Park is considered one of the best recreational facilities in Hong Kong for a holiday with your family and here it will be interesting for both children and their parents. Ocean Park is a huge amusement park and at the same time aquarium and zoo. Like Disneyland in Hong Kong it is the largest theme park in the city. When we were deciding what to see in Hong Kong, we had a choice: Disneyland or Ocean Park, and eventually we visited both and do not regret of it. So welcome to the world of Ocean Park with us!