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Hello! We are happy family - Natalia, Sergey and Max, and we love to travel! We do not live in Thailand, as most popular bloggers, and do not plan to live there! 🙂 And yet we live in a wonderful two-floor house near Moscow in Russia,  in a dense forest breathing fresh air. Although, of course, we have plans to move to South-East Asia, but certainly not in Thailand.

The idea of this blog came into being during our honeymoon trip on a small island Mugun, which belongs to the archipelago of Penghu and belonging to Taiwan. We were forced into a hospital in this beautiful country and the last 5 days of vacation spent in a hospital bed. When all the books have been read and the films reviewed, we got the idea to create this blog, describing here our adventures. We traveled a lot even before 2010, but this site was born on 22 June 2010. Almost all described herein travels were committed after that date.

Before you create a blog, it was necessary to come up with a name consisting of a single word, easily remembered and recognizable. Names a la, agree, look like something strange, and short names with the prefix or suffix «travel» all been dismantled long before us, and simply banal. There was an idea of using a blog title with "note" word, because in almost all of our trips, we doing travel notes. Naturally, all the English «note» -like domains were busy and then we decided to try other languages. By trying different options, we found that the word "Note" is translated into the Czech language as «poznámka» and we thought it was funny, so finally our blog got its name.

Unfortunately, in our family there is no English language teachers, English is not our native and after graduating from high school a lot of time already passed, so do not judge strictly - grammar and syntax errors are present in almost all of our English posts. 🙂 It is also possible to find inaccuracies in the statement of the facts and if you notice an error, please don't be lazy, let us know about it in comments. 🙂

The photographic part of our travels has become one of the main engines, forcing us to tear the ass off the couch and ready to leave home. For capturing the moments we use different equipment, from camera phones and compact digital cameras to modern mirrorless system cameras. At this point in our arsenal we have couple of Sony Alpha NEX, which replaced a heavy and rather big old man Canon 20D. In favor of the choice of these cameras spoke primarily their size and weight - carrying a photo bag with a big camera and a pair of extra lenses weighing more than 7 kilograms was, to put it mildly, not comfortable. Well, the picture quality is not affected, and in many cases undoubtedly improved. 🙂


April 6, 2013 we became three - our son, Maxim, was born. And from the very first days of his life he began to travel with us. Despite his young age, he is an quite experienced traveler! He already traveled more than 15 000 kilometers by car (Sep 2014), because most of our trips are car journeys. We are willing to drive more than a thousand miles in search of interesting places and countries, and what comes out of it, you can read in our primary blog on our native Russian language. Version you are reading now was specially crafted for English-speaking foreign tourists and contains only places and attractions which could be potentially interested to foreigners planning to go to Russia, probably Poland and some other countries.

Countries, which we have visited before 2010: Belarus, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Hungary, Germany, Holland, Hong Kong, Denmark, Egypt, Indonesia, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, China, Maldives, Malta, UAE, Poland, Taiwan, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, Finland, France, Czech Republic, Estonia, South Korea.

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